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The tallow used in my products comes from a local to Wisconsin farm called "Walk-Era Farms." Located outside the famous Wisconsin Dells, Walk-Era Farms has a sprawling proerpty, with fields of grass for the cows, a space for butchering, a barn for wheat storage, and their own home all tucked away in the coutnryside.

Walk-Era Farms is run by husband and wife team  John and Marci _____, along with their __ children and ___ grandchildren. They raise ______x holstein cows for milk and butchering, and sell the freshly butchered cows by the quarter or half. 

Butchering is done year round, with around __ cows humanely slaughtered nearly every month. The butchering process is done on their farm. The fat is removed from the kidney and liver area, placed in buckets, and I pick it up within a few hours of being butchered. It goes from in the cow grazing in the field, to a bucket, to my hands. I then process the tallow using a saltwater method to purify it and render it nearly odorless. The tallow is filtered a minimum of 3 times to ensure you are getting the best product possible, then I take the tallow and make it into the products you see here on the site. 

The cows spend March through October grazing in the fields, enjoying fresh grass. During the harsh Wisconsin winters where the ground is frozen and covered in snow most weeks, the cows are kept inside the barn and are fed a diet of forage-based fermented greens. Much of the winter the fields are covered in ice and snow, making it impossible to have fully grass-fed and finished cattle in the Midwest, so the cows are kept inside during the bitter cold months and fed a diet that is forage-based, to mimic what they would be grazing on in warmer months. 

To give a glimpse into the farm, I interviewed Marci, so you get the chance to know exactly where the tallow comes from that you are putting on your body, and learn a bit more of the process it takes to get the tallow from the cow to the jar in your hands. 

Q. How long have you been raising cows?


Q. What type of cows do you raise? And why that breed?


Q. Are your cows grass-fed? If not, why?


Q. Why are fermented greens your choice instead of grains?


Q. Why do you choose the liver and kidney fat for tallow?


Q. Why is it important to you to have cows that are grass fed in summer, and have a forage-based diet in the wintertime?


Q. If someone would like to purchase 1/4 or 1/2 a cow through you, what is the best way to get in touch?


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